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About Yuroz

Yuroz was born in Soviet Armenia in 1956.  At the age of ten, he entered the renowned Akop Kodjoyan School of Art in the Armenian capital of Yerevan and graduated with honors.  He then entered the Yerevan University of Art and Architecture.

Although he was a master architect and blooming artist, Yuroz political view clashed with the Soviet regime and he became a refugee so that he could realize his true artistic potential.  He married a woman who gained entrance into the United States, but was not allowed to emigrate until seven years later.  The long period of separation combined with his tireless dedication to art led to conflicts at home, and Yuroz set out on his own.  After several years, he found himself homeless in the land of opportunity.  

Yuroz continued to create art with the supplies of the streets—napkins and cardboard were conjured into canvas, and discarded pens were transformed into paintbrushes.  Inspired by those he met while homeless, he created his “Hollywood Boulevard” series, and his presence in the art world has climbed since. 

In January 2000, Yuroz was chosen by the United Nations to be the official artist for their 50thanniversary stamp honoring refugees worldwide, and later that year his mural was unveiled and is now installed permanently at the General Assembly Building in Geneva, Switzerland.  

In 2004, Yuroz was commissioned by the United Nations to produce a mural depicting Human Rights.  The mural was unveiled at the Coral Springs Museum in Florida and then made its way to Guatemala.  

In 2009, the Vatican commission Yuroz to paint newly canonized Saint Arcangelo Tadini.  Yuroz met Pope Benedict XVI while the piece, entitled The Light of Compassion, was blessed and installed in Saint Arcangelo Tadini Catholic Church in Botticino Sera, Italy where it remains. 

Yuroz most recent release is his Renaissance Italy series featuring a special Venetian silver technique.


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His Offering
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Table of Negotiations
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