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About Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell was born December 19, 1937, in Los Angeles, California.  She is married and has a family.  Her exposure to an artistically cultural background from birth was undoubtedly a contributing factor to her early development.  Her father and grandfather were both professional artists, who saw in her a continuation of their own talents.  Her parents carefully nurtured and encouraged her native ability.


She creates in her painting, pastels, and drawings a mood of timeless quality.  Her works have a spontaneity and brilliance of color reminiscent of the French Impressionists.


Mrs. Mitchell majored in art in college in Los Angeles and studied the techniques of the masters in the art centers of Europe.


The works of Charlene Mitchell are now in the homes of collectors all over the world.

Charlene Mitchell

First Love

The Letter

Young Girl with Puppy