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About Dwyer


Charles Dwyer, Jr., born in Wisconsin in 1961, graduated Valedictorian with a Fine Art degree from the Milwaukee School of Art and Design in 1984.  Though Dwyer’s range of studies include drawing, painting, printmaking and anatomy as well as the history of art and architecture, he cites European and American Impressionism from the 1840’s – 1890’s and Expressionism of the 1930’s – 1950’s as his main influences.


Those who view Dwyer’s art are captivated by the combination of the female form with autobiographical elements and the hidden images that add a visual depth to each work.  In many of the works Dwyer incorporates hand written script into the images.  Working in mixed media for both his limited edition prints and unique works of art, Dwyer builds a tactile surface that gives a depth to the composition with overlapping colors and materials.  The combination of these elements creates a visual complexity and increases the cognitive context of each composition.


Dwyer’s involvement in the conservation and restoration of historical landmarks and churches across the United Sates may be the source of the layering of media and meanings that appears as a recurring theme in his art.  It continuously exposes him to the techniques and intentions of long gone artists.  As part of his work in conservation and restoration, Dwyer has recreated murals in various landmark buildings, yet his true passion remains his own work.


The artist once noted, “I desire to create an art that is at once visually exciting and thought provoking.”  His talents and insights create works of art that effectively communicate his thoughts and feelings while allowing the viewer to impose their own associations and perceive a vivid personal message.

Charles Dwyer Jr.

Naked Dreams