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About Anne Aderman

Anne Aderman interprets the world in whimsical and colorful vignettes filled with endearing people who laugh, love, and have fun.

People have always been a big part of Anne's life. Growing up in a 
very big, very Irish family in New Jersey, every day turned into an event. During summers at the beach, her mother painted in oils, while Anne sketched scenes and penciled portraits, always intent on not just copying real life, but transforming it. After receiving a degree in fine arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1978, Anne entered the world of finance, in part to support her art, but, more importantly, recognizing the need to understand business.

Anne's artistry boldly gives credence to the words, "in living color," but no composition sits so prettily that you lose sight of her carefree nature and her unabashed love of life where the people of her imagination live, work, and play.

Drawing on the rhythms and elements from our contemporary visual environment from a cityscape, golf course, piano bar and beach or party scene, to a close-up view of a martini glass, Anne demonstrates her ability to invite viewers to stand back and piece together their own version of the story.

A recurring theme in Anne's artwork is her people. A menagerie of oval-shaped faces with minimalist features and lots of attitude, charm, and humor. They inhabit a world washed in brilliant color and virtually shout, "Look at me."

These likable, upbeat characters have become Anne's hallmark as an artist, attracting a broad range of notable collectors. Although she's delighted her images bring a smile to the face and a glow in the heart, she misses her people when they leave her studio. "They become my friends; we have fun together, but I know they are going to good homes."

Anne Aderman

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